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Visiting the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yup, i was a bit spell bound when I first laid eyes in the towers…and then I mused, “These things would be awesome if they made of Legos” Deep, I know.

The Petronas Towers, Malaysia’s Ankgor Wat, (okay just kidding) is pretty well known…heck why have on impressive tower when you can have two??

 Here’s the link to the accompanying video:


Even at night with a cruddy camera, Petronas is still impressive….


This picture doesn’t do the Petronas at night any justice. It was pretty amazing.



Outside the Peteronas Tower is noteworthy because walkways are shaded by giant trees that were planted in the 1800’s…or at least that’s what my tour map said…

No monkeys were in these trees…



Inside the towers is pretty impressive and there is a free art gallery inside called:

The Galeri Petronas



It was a spectacular gallery featuring breath taking art.  For example, check out the lovely Closed sign I found.  Remarkable!

I came halfway around the world for this–ARRRG!!!



The gallery was closed due to installation work and wasn’t set to reopen until later in the year.  However, the gift shop was still open and had a few pieces on display…

Pretty flowers



Marge Simpson with her hair down perhaps…?



But there is also a huge shopping center inside Petronas and sure I couldn’t see many great pieces of art, I was moved enough to snap this photo of a nice flip-flop display.  I thought it was a creative use of texture and color.


Pure art…


Thanks for reading!

How to connect with the Malaysian police without being arrested in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


So I like free entertainment and museums (I like any museum pretty much too);  when these two are combined in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur, well that just makes this non-intrepid traveler happy.

One afternoon, I found myself exploring the Royal Malaysian Police Museum.   Yeah, I know, my idea of fun museums include  bugs , street cars, and boats.  RANDOM MUCH!

The Royal Malaysian Police Museum was built in 1958 and tells about the history of the force and showcases uniforms through the ages and lots of artifacts.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take photos inside the museum.  BUT I could take them outside and check out all the awesomeness I found!





Up close shot


Look at this awesome armored jeep vehicle…


Here is the backside…


I bet this is totally a Transformer…


WATCH OUT! Only the hardcore police had the honor of using the bicycle to catch criminals….

What is the most unique museum you’ve ever visited?

Discovering what a ‘tekstil’ is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

100_3433Question:  So what is a ‘tekstil’?

Answer:  A textile.

Little did I know that not only do Malaysians like to create some awesome really cool modern architecture, but they have a history of making some really cool textiles too!

The museum traces the development and trend of textiles from WAY back in history to modern times.

First people used unprocessed natural fibers like grasses…they’re very lightweight and breatheable…



Then they progressed to wearing animal skins, which was useful in the cooler climates of the highlands…




Then metal working became popular and jewelry was fashioned as adornments to show social status…

Also, as modernization and technology developed, styles changed and became more contemporary…




Finally. newer materials were incorporated in design making, specifically Rit-Dye.

Thanks for following along my journey through the National Textile museum.



Which is your favorite outfit from the above photo?  

Oh the things you see in Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Oh, the things you’ll see in the Times Square area of KL.  Times Square is a clean, modern, glitzy, shopping district filled with megamalls and other activities designed to part folks from their hard earned cash.  Wandering around a 6 story mall is one nice way to beat the oppressive Malaysian heat and humidity.  Taking in the sights and people watching are other fun past times.

Hey look, there is a huge picture of Dakota Fanning on that building.  I would be mortified if my likeness where posted on the side of a building like that…




Inside one mall, there was a party going on to celebrate Chinese New Year.




2014  is the year of the horse….




And what better way than to celebrate the year of the horse is by having a dancing dragon…makes total sense right?  I would’ve loved to have seen some dancing horses…



Also there were all these cute statues around.  I think this one is doing something rather unpleasant…




People watching can be fun and this was my first time seeing women in full niqab in person…it keeps the sun off and reduces the amount of pollution and dust inhalation…

One of these things is not like the other…one of these things is not the same…



I really wanted to ask her if she was hot under her garment.. 



And then finally, I stumbled upon this…I think it was a living statue…and a man…


Yeah I wanted to ask if s/he was hot under their garment…

There you have it, some of the things you could see in Times Square.

What are some fun things you’ve seen in the city?



Loving some Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur being pretty

I had planned to cool my jets for a while in Melaka, because I thought I liked smaller towns.  However Melaka is good for a weekend visit and that’s about it; I was getting antsy and wee bit frustrated because the town shuts down during the week.  I decided to travel north to Kuala Lumpur since it’s a travel hub and I figured it would be the best place for me to be once I decided where I wanted to visit in Malaysia .  Heck, maybe I’d even hang out for a few days too even though it wasn’t part of the original travel plan.  What I didn’t expect was to really like the city and find a bunch of stuff to do.

Kuala Lumpur is awesome because you can see the 3-bean salad of diversity spread among Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures all with a modernized, western feel.  Also, I didn’t get a sense of an overwhelming majority in Malaysia and observed a fairly balanced mix between the Chinese and Malays populations.  The Indian population is there, but a little less prevalent.

Also, since culture influences architecture, I figured I might see some interesting buildings too.

My first adventure was to find examples of each culture and seek out architecture.

Misson 1:  Culture

A Chinese temple
A Hindu temple
Jamesk Mosque

In order to tour the mosque, I had to follow Islamic dress code of covering pretty much everything up.  So I got to wear this awesome purple robe that was SUPER hot.  I didn’t stay too long…




Well, looks like we got a little something for everyone!





Misson 2:  Find examples of cool architecture around downtown…


The train station is nice



This is a cool looking building
Check out those curves




Nice fountain outside the National Mosque
Another nice fountain by a road

Stay tuned to see more from Malaysia!  What other cities have cool looking buildings?