About the Gallivanting Ham

My name is Ham (okay it’s Heather really).

I got bit by the travel bug and became infected with this desire  to go out see the world.  The only successful known treatment for this condition is to go travel.  So my goals for the next year now are to roam around Southeast Asia and North America to address the illness AND:

  1. Find some fun and humor (yes, locals laughing at the bumbling American constitutes as fun for others and helps achieve this goal) ,
  2. Attempt to learn  more Spanish (I’m going to keep a tally of all the folks I inadvertently insult)
  3. Try some volunteer work to do some real good (I’ve got a lot of bad karma to work off)

Eh, we’ll see what happens.  If i can make if off my couch, I’ll consider that an accomplishment.

So if you’re interested in reading the brain vomit of a person who is diagnosed with wanderlust, you’ve come to the right place.  Read on to follow my adventures in travel , it might be entertaining 🙂

6 thoughts on “About the Gallivanting Ham”

    1. Hi girlie-thanks for following along! Sorry, I was sick for a couple of days and had some spotty wifi, but I’ve got some more videos coming 🙂

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