Visiting the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yup, i was a bit spell bound when I first laid eyes in the towers…and then I mused, “These things would be awesome if they made of Legos” Deep, I know.

The Petronas Towers, Malaysia’s Ankgor Wat, (okay just kidding) is pretty well known…heck why have on impressive tower when you can have two??

 Here’s the link to the accompanying video:


Even at night with a cruddy camera, Petronas is still impressive….


This picture doesn’t do the Petronas at night any justice. It was pretty amazing.



Outside the Peteronas Tower is noteworthy because walkways are shaded by giant trees that were planted in the 1800’s…or at least that’s what my tour map said…

No monkeys were in these trees…



Inside the towers is pretty impressive and there is a free art gallery inside called:

The Galeri Petronas



It was a spectacular gallery featuring breath taking art.  For example, check out the lovely Closed sign I found.  Remarkable!

I came halfway around the world for this–ARRRG!!!



The gallery was closed due to installation work and wasn’t set to reopen until later in the year.  However, the gift shop was still open and had a few pieces on display…

Pretty flowers



Marge Simpson with her hair down perhaps…?



But there is also a huge shopping center inside Petronas and sure I couldn’t see many great pieces of art, I was moved enough to snap this photo of a nice flip-flop display.  I thought it was a creative use of texture and color.


Pure art…


Thanks for reading!


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