How to connect with the Malaysian police without being arrested in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


So I like free entertainment and museums (I like any museum pretty much too);  when these two are combined in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur, well that just makes this non-intrepid traveler happy.

One afternoon, I found myself exploring the Royal Malaysian Police Museum.   Yeah, I know, my idea of fun museums include  bugs , street cars, and boats.  RANDOM MUCH!

The Royal Malaysian Police Museum was built in 1958 and tells about the history of the force and showcases uniforms through the ages and lots of artifacts.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take photos inside the museum.  BUT I could take them outside and check out all the awesomeness I found!





Up close shot


Look at this awesome armored jeep vehicle…


Here is the backside…


I bet this is totally a Transformer…


WATCH OUT! Only the hardcore police had the honor of using the bicycle to catch criminals….

What is the most unique museum you’ve ever visited?


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