Discovering what a ‘tekstil’ is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

100_3433Question:  So what is a ‘tekstil’?

Answer:  A textile.

Little did I know that not only do Malaysians like to create some awesome really cool modern architecture, but they have a history of making some really cool textiles too!

The museum traces the development and trend of textiles from WAY back in history to modern times.

First people used unprocessed natural fibers like grasses…they’re very lightweight and breatheable…



Then they progressed to wearing animal skins, which was useful in the cooler climates of the highlands…




Then metal working became popular and jewelry was fashioned as adornments to show social status…

Also, as modernization and technology developed, styles changed and became more contemporary…




Finally. newer materials were incorporated in design making, specifically Rit-Dye.

Thanks for following along my journey through the National Textile museum.



Which is your favorite outfit from the above photo?  


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