Oh the things you see in Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Oh, the things you’ll see in the Times Square area of KL.  Times Square is a clean, modern, glitzy, shopping district filled with megamalls and other activities designed to part folks from their hard earned cash.  Wandering around a 6 story mall is one nice way to beat the oppressive Malaysian heat and humidity.  Taking in the sights and people watching are other fun past times.

Hey look, there is a huge picture of Dakota Fanning on that building.  I would be mortified if my likeness where posted on the side of a building like that…




Inside one mall, there was a party going on to celebrate Chinese New Year.




2014  is the year of the horse….




And what better way than to celebrate the year of the horse is by having a dancing dragon…makes total sense right?  I would’ve loved to have seen some dancing horses…



Also there were all these cute statues around.  I think this one is doing something rather unpleasant…




People watching can be fun and this was my first time seeing women in full niqab in person…it keeps the sun off and reduces the amount of pollution and dust inhalation…

One of these things is not like the other…one of these things is not the same…



I really wanted to ask her if she was hot under her garment.. 



And then finally, I stumbled upon this…I think it was a living statue…and a man…


Yeah I wanted to ask if s/he was hot under their garment…

There you have it, some of the things you could see in Times Square.

What are some fun things you’ve seen in the city?




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