Loving some Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur being pretty

I had planned to cool my jets for a while in Melaka, because I thought I liked smaller towns.  However Melaka is good for a weekend visit and that’s about it; I was getting antsy and wee bit frustrated because the town shuts down during the week.  I decided to travel north to Kuala Lumpur since it’s a travel hub and I figured it would be the best place for me to be once I decided where I wanted to visit in Malaysia .  Heck, maybe I’d even hang out for a few days too even though it wasn’t part of the original travel plan.  What I didn’t expect was to really like the city and find a bunch of stuff to do.

Kuala Lumpur is awesome because you can see the 3-bean salad of diversity spread among Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures all with a modernized, western feel.  Also, I didn’t get a sense of an overwhelming majority in Malaysia and observed a fairly balanced mix between the Chinese and Malays populations.  The Indian population is there, but a little less prevalent.

Also, since culture influences architecture, I figured I might see some interesting buildings too.

My first adventure was to find examples of each culture and seek out architecture.

Misson 1:  Culture

A Chinese temple
A Hindu temple
Jamesk Mosque

In order to tour the mosque, I had to follow Islamic dress code of covering pretty much everything up.  So I got to wear this awesome purple robe that was SUPER hot.  I didn’t stay too long…




Well, looks like we got a little something for everyone!





Misson 2:  Find examples of cool architecture around downtown…


The train station is nice



This is a cool looking building
Check out those curves




Nice fountain outside the National Mosque
Another nice fountain by a road

Stay tuned to see more from Malaysia!  What other cities have cool looking buildings? 



One thought on “Loving some Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

  1. Hey Ham, You home yet? I got home two weeks ago today after 206 days on the road. Would love to hook up some day and compare trip notes:). In case you’re still on the road, be prepared to come down some when the adventure is over:(. Getting the bike all cleaned up and serviced, you know Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge might be a good place to spend February:)




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