Hitch hiking to an organic farm in Tanah Rata, Malaysia



Meeting other travelers is awesome and sometimes going into the unknown with these folks often makes for a memorable experience.

Today was no other when I befriended a nice German girl.  She invited me and two Danish girls to hitch hike to an organic farm in the next town over.

Sure, it would’ve made too much sense to sleep in and take a local bus to the next town….it was far more fun to get up at the crack of dawn and stand by the side of the road for an hour trying to hitch a ride.


But eventually, a very nice guy stopped for us.  He was an interesting character who liked to impress us with his awesome driving skills at top speeds around winding mountains roads, narrowing passing other cars  while telling us about his previous nights outing with friends that let them drink heavily and only allowed for 4 hours of sleep.


Yes, hindsight is 20/20 but we made it to the next town in one piece…and i will try to avoid hitch hiking if possible in the future…

But we were able to meet up with the awesome farmer…


He gave us a tour of his peaceful farm…



And we learned how he grows a variety of crops without pesticides and some of the other practices he uses to reuse materials and reduce the amount of waste the farm generates…




He evejn built a nice pond on the farm, full of vegetarian fish.  He let us feed the fish…



Finally, he showed us the raft he constructed out of plastic bottles for the pond…



It was nice day with new friends.  Fortunately, the farmer took us back to our hostel.

Thanks for following and stay tuned for more Malaysian adventures!


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