A buncha Buddha fun in Vientane, Laos

Nom, Nom, Nom…


Question:  What is Buddha Park?

Answer:   It’s a big garden where Buddhas are grown.


Okay, just kidding, it is a sculpture garden near the Thailand/Laos border created by Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat, who was a priest-shaman that moonlighted as a sculptor.  He had a charismatic personality and was popular with some of the locals, who would in turn,  donate concrete to support his art.  His statues are notable due their sheer size and because Buddhist and Hindu elements are integrated into each piece.


Apparently not all the locals held the same opinion; some folks thought he was insane.  At any rate, he was sane enough in the mid 1970’s when he decided to get out of dodge and set up shop in Thailand due to the changing political climate in Laos.


Here’s the link to another awesomely bad video:  http://youtu.be/g4D00qmrcnk


I was just chilling in my dorm room one afternoon when this sweet. German girl came barging into the room threw down a huge backpack and said, “Hi, I’m Anne, do you want to go to Buddha Park?  I don’t know much about it.”  Of course I said yes, because there is no other better idea to follow a fellow traveler you just met off on an unknown adventure that you know nothing about.


We navigated our way using the local bus and a tuk-tuk.  I used my awesome powers of negotiation to get a reasonable price on the tuk-tuk 🙂


We bought our tickets and saw all of Sulitat’s work.  The  moss covered statues tend to be of deities, humans, animals and other unusual creatures…. here is an alligator thing…



Here are some multi-armed deities…I bet these guys know some awesome party tricks…

Spider Man??



It was pretty cool wandering around and seeing the statues.  Not only were they pretty bizarre, some were rather large…you all know my penchant for the unusual….(the girl in the photo was the cool German girl that inspired the whole trip.  She was a special education teacher and had the biggest heart…)


Relaxing Buddha


The perfume seller




This is either supposed to be a representation of Cupid (now we got Roman mythology here too) firing an arrow of love or one creature taking a cheap, short range shot at another creature…

Target practice perhaps?


These statues are mingling…



Have you ever been to a unique sculpture garden?


5 thoughts on “A buncha Buddha fun in Vientane, Laos”

  1. Love the pictures, I love the experience that you’re having…..stay safe my friend

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  2. Hi Heather, The photos are great and I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Keep posting. Safe travels.

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