3 random activities I did while visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand

“So what else is there to do in Chiang Mai besides visit temples?”  asked my friend one evening.

“Oh there is plenty to do like go shopping, bar hop, try new restaurants, go to a movie…you know the typical stuff,” I replied.

“Did you actually do any of this typical stuff then?” continued my friend.

“Oh of course not,” I answered.  “None of these things met my criteria of ‘random’ or ‘cheap'”…..

Here is a link to the accompanying post:  http://youtu.be/Y02HLvqtq2Y

Chiang Mai has lots of lovely temples but the dreaded temple fatigue had started to set in so I set out and found alternate, budget friendly entertainment.  Here are three other random events I participated in to entertain myself:

1)      Visiting the Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders (200 baht–about $6–admission, but I walked so I didn’t have to pay for transportation).  A personal collection of insect specimens, stones, shells, wood, and art collected by Dr Rattanarithikul is in a small museum near Chiang Mai university.

This was a sligtly macabre museum and not for those that are sensitive to creepy crawly critters.  But this was a unique and informative collection from someone who has a deep passion for the natural world and science.  (Yeah, I geeked out a little at this museum…).

Also, this museum was special because the owner was very friendly and spoke with me at great length about her work (I knew that biology degree would come in handy one day).  She did a lot of research regarding mosquito born diseases and identified 13 different species of mosquito.  Did you know that only like 3 species of mosquito can be vectors for malaria?

2)      Going to an art exhibition opening (admission was free but I had to pay 60 baht –about $2– in transportation).   The hostel organized this and took a group of us backpackers to a community art show where we looked at several small exhibits and listened to a presentation from the main feature artist.  The artist described in great detail the process and perspective he used to create the below picture:


He actually put a lot of time and thought into this piece….!

3)        Hanging out at a park (free admission and no transportation costs here!).  Chiang Mai has Nong Buak Hard Public Park, which is located in the southwest corner of the walled city center.  In the evenings, it becomes quite popular with folks playing badminton and soccer.  Check it out, does your local park have a dragon in it?

RTW CMX Park 004

There you have it!  Thanks for following my adventures and stay tuned for more tales from Chiang Mai!


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