Ghirardelli Square and the Maritime Museum in San Francisco, CA

“Did you learn a lot about America’s Cup and the history of racing on the bay then?” asked my friend.

“A little, but more importantly I accidently found out that if you enter the same Ghirardelli store at different entrances that you score an extra chocolate sample,” I said.

I’m lame and forgot to take any footage, so no video for this post.

Today’s adventure led th Ghiraelli Square.  Here I wandered around and took in the pretty shops and the plaza.  This where I learned how to score an extra pumpkin carmel chocolate sample.


Betty Boop even made an appearance at the square.

betty boop

Next I moseyed around the corner and stumbled upon a several art galleries.  The Franklin Bowes gallery featured work from Dali, which is artist that I enjoy.  Another gallery was rocking a Dr. Seuss exhibit.  Oh, and these galleries were all free.  Sorry, I couldn’t take any pictures of the exhibits.


Then I took in the beauty of the Aquatic park.  Many folks were gathering at the park and the nearby Crissy Field to watch the race.  But turns out, it was too windy to race that particular day.


Alcatraz in the distance….


Of course, I had to stop into the Maritime Museum at the park and see some cool boaty stuff.




Finally, my gallivanting had me meander to the Fisherman’s Wharf area.  This area was neat because they farm big, sourdough alligators and other critters here.


Thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for more adventures from San Francisco!


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